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Accidents & Injury

Auto accidents

One of my greatest joys comes with the rewarding change massage therapy brings my clients who suffer with intense pain brought on by a car accident.

If you have been in a collision, your doctor may order therapeutic massage as part of your recovery and treatment plan.

As a clinical massage therapist in Walla Walla, Washington I can address the stress, strains, sprains, and other injury typical of a motor vehicle accident.

I am prepared to bill your insurance provider for you, leaving you free from the extra stress and able to focus more fully on your recovery process.

Injury Treatment
Recovering from a serious injury takes time but with the investment in clinical massage therapy comes relief from the pain and freedom to live again.

Even those who have struggled for years with old auto accident or sports injury have found massage gives them relief.

Therapeutic massage can aid in the healing of muscle strain and ligament sprain injury even when caused by repetitive motion or re-injury of an older condition.

Conditions treated include:

carpel tunnel pain
plantar fascitis
tennis elbow
neck and back pain
disc problems





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