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Client Testimonials

*Injury & Pain

Great Treatment Massage (Hip Pain) "I had an old sledding injury and he put me back into alignment. It has helped relieve pain and soreness of the hip area. Thank you so much!" 

Leilani - November 16, 2011

Horrible Auto Accident "I started going to Benjamin for treatments after a horrible auto accident. After much rehab and Benjamin's therapeutic massage skills I am totally back to my pre-accident self. His work is top notch!" 

Renae Miller - February 14, 2010

Experience with Injury & Resolves Serious Muscle Issues “Benjamin has had experience had a lot of experience with injuries, both acute and chronic. He has been able to resolve serious muscular issues in several of my friends--desperate last resort kind of problems. I am totally impressed!! He has also given me some great therapeutic work. I would highly recommend him, especially to anyone who is at the end of their rope.”                                                               

Brent King - January 27, 2010

Root of the problem, Headaches gone, Thank You! "Benjamin King is a wonderful massage therapist. He can tell what is wrong and works to "fix" the problem. He knows what to do, and explains it to you as he works, so you have an understanding of what is happening at the root of the problem! I have been to Benjamin a couple times, and I can say that since my first visit, my headaches have been very few and far between! Thank you Benjamin for doing what you do!"

Laura ‎ - Dec 6, 2010

Headache Gone / Neck, Back, & Shoulder Pain "Amazing Professional Massage Treatment Oh my word! I wanted a massage to help me with chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain. I went into Benjamin and he is truly amazing. I went in with a bad headache, and after his massage treatment, my headache was completely gone. I went to him for several sessions; a mix of relaxation and therapeutic massage, and he is very professional and knows how to fix what ales you. I was so pleased I am buying gift certificates for all my family for Christmas!"

Maria - Oct 20, 2010

Chemo - Back & Neck Pain "Highly effective massage therapist when I was going through Chemo I had Swedish Massage treatments from Benjamin. It was very relaxing and made me feel better. I have also received therapeutic massage treatments for back and neck pain that that helped relieve my symptoms. I would recommend as an excellent Massage Therapist."

Geri - Oct 18, 2010


*Surgery       Back to Top 


Shoulder Surgery "I would highly recommend Benjamin King to anyone looking for results. Always professional, timely, and detail orientated, but beyond that his caring attitude and the focus on achieving results is astounding. I truly believe his work helped me from having shoulder surgery and I would highly recommend anyone looking for alternative therapy with results to give Benjamin a try." 

Vikki Foxe - February 15, 2010


*Pregnancy   Back to Top 


Pregnancy Massage "I highly recommend Benjamin. He relieved all of my pregnancy related aches and pains, in a relaxed and comfortable setting. I look forward to returning to Benjamin after I deliver to work out any remaining issues."

Melissa ‎ - Aug 20, 2010


*Professional   Back to Top 


Treat You Like Family - Knowledge & Understanding "Benjamin King is a great asset to our community. I have had the opportunity to have many massages and would recommend Benjamin to you. As a chiropractor myself, I regularly get massages from Benjamin and recommend others to him. He has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how the body works and how to maximize its potential. I'm confident he will take great care of you and your family as he has for me! 

Dr. Jed - April 26, 2011

Professional, Integrity, Detailed Knowledge "Benjamin is a professional through and through. His high level of integrity and detailed knowledge of various techniques really makes him stand out among other massage therapists. I've had him work on me numerous times, each of which gradually helped with the improvement of my back, neck and arm muscles. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hands of Home Massage to my friends and family! Top notch. On time. Professional. Superb results. Thanks Ben!" 

Brian Hernandez - February 14, 2010

Available, Professional, Knowledgeable "Available at the Last Minute I've been experiencing neck pain for the past week to the point that I could not turn my head to the left or tip my head back. I got Ben's name from a co-worker on a Friday afternoon. I called Ben on Friday evening and he answered the phone which was very surprising. He was able to get me in for an appointment over the weekend which was even more of a surprise for me being that his normal office hours are M-F. He was very professional, is very knowledgeable about his craft and my neck feels much better. I will definitely see him again for ongoing maintenance. I would highly recommend him."

Christina ‎ - Aug 23, 2010

Educates, Resolves Chronic Issues “Benjamin has worked with several of my friends and myself to resolve long standing issues. With out a single reservation I recommend HoH and Benjamin. He listens to the concern and then proceeds to address it. I especially appreciate the effort he takes to educate me on the underlining issue. Thanks HoH!”                     

Gaylen – January 31, 2010


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Terrific Massage, Website Educational “I just wanted to say thanks again for a terrific massage the last night of Tour DaVita. Looking forward to reading through the methods you use. My boyfriend also said the massage you gave him was fantastic.”                                                

S.G - Tour Da Vita - Sep. 2009

Best Sports Massage, Muscle Recovery From Ride “Thank You! I received a massage from you in the rain on the last day of the tour, and wanted to tell you again how much I appreciated it. It was among the best massages I have ever had. Thanks for overcoming the rain and helping me recover from the ride. I was back on my bike this past weekend!”                                      

Brad - Tour Da Vita Sep. 2009






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